• How to use wedding sparklers to enhance the elegance of your wedding ceremony

    Yes, your wedding is around the corner, and you are busy planning for it. Probably, you are considering some of the affordable ways to transform it into something perfect and an unforgettable. Well, did you know that adding 36″ wedding sparklers would to lead to an incredible wedding? If the answer is no, then be informed that sparklers can turn an ordinary wedding into an entirely dazzling event! Besides that, when compared to other wedding expenses, sparklers are magically cheap. However, to incorporate sparklers into the big day event seem to be a challenge to many wedding organizers. In this regard, this article unveils a fantastic news it presents you with ultimate ways on how to wedding sparklers.

    Use it at the specific instances of the Ceremony

    A more interesting idea is light up sparklers at the course of the wedding. Probably, the right time to do so when the bride and the groom are kissing one another after their wedding vows. As a way of cheering the occasion, sparklers can be used to blend it and make the ceremony aesthetic.

    On the dance floor

    Your first dance on the floor is the time everyone has been waiting for. Indeed, this is another great opportunity to showcase the elegance of your wedding. As such, your guests can join in the dance floor with their sparklers fully lit. With this plan, your wedding will be one of the unforgettable events in your life!

    On the wedding cake

    Imagine how beautiful the event will be if the wedding cake is surrounded by a cluster of colorful glowing sparklers. Inherently, this will be one of the most festive cake-cutting ceremonies that will remain in the minds of your guests forever.

    At the gateway

    As the ceremony ends, you need to finalize it in style. One of the beautiful ways of doing that is by making the gateway amid a shower of fireworks and sparklers. In fact, this is the right time to capture the stunning photographic moments with your guest.

    Now you know how to use sparklers to enhance the elegance of your wedding. A point worth noting is that the addition of the above to your wedding details will bring an effortless hint of humor into your celebration.

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  • Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2016/17

    Its quite possible you already have a full schedule of summer marriages to attend as real life wedding season is upon us. While bridal styles do not change all that extremely from season to season, there still are notable trends, details and fun updates to take a look at and get a jump on right now, especially if you’re in the middle of planning your own wedding.


    Well, sort of. “I think you are seeing a little bit more old-style,” Pamella Roland said at her presentation — pointing out the majority of long sleeves on the bridal week runways for spring. “I think Kate Middleton really started that with the lace.” Gossamer sheer, naked-looking illusion sleeves allowed for the semblance of full-coverage, while accents like lace, sparkly sequins, intricate beading and embroidery can add visual interest.


    “We really felt like the girls really want to show off their bodies at the moment, so I think you’ll see quite a lot of low back and illusion backs,” said Keren Craig at the very grand Marchesa presentation at the St. Regis. While the ultra-low back carried over from last season, exposure touched new levels with (sometimes) tasteful cut-outs, illusion panels and peekaboo lace.

    Volume Effect

    Carrying over from the fashion week runways, the volume effect is taking over bridal, but with wedding-appropriate motifs, like an ivory setting of wistful florals or original butterflies beating on layers of silk tulle. The more brave bride might be drawn to Angel Sanchez’s ultramodern, but still very bridal frost garden-y shoulder detail. Not sure how comfortable that would be for the father-daughter dance, but it looks oh-so-cool.

    See more great and beautiful examples of trending wedding dresses and outfits via http://www.veaul.com/wedding-dresses-c2

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  • Cheap ideas for an extreme wedding

    Finding wild wedding venues make the event more memorable. Besides the venue, you have to plan your event prior to the day it is scheduled. Get a wedding planner who will take care of wedding stage decoration, cocktail party decoration, indoor and outdoor decoration and reception stage decoration. He or she should arrange for all the required props, cater to individual needs and choices, offer elegant working ideas, take on the entire responsibility.

    After planning, follow these tips for a memorable and economical day:

    1. Do it off-peak – Most weddings fall on months of May to December; hence, wedding services and goods are normally pricey. Schedule your wedding then on the dates that fall on the months of January to April to avoid high costs. Cakes, wedding hosts, venues, and other wedding essentials are a lot cheaper than when you would avail them on the other months.

    2. Keep your guests at the right number – Keep the number of guests thin by sending invitations to people whom you are only close with and you will discover how much you can save by just doing this simple cheap wedding idea.

    3. Don’t hire many photographers. In this technology era, Everyone can handle different high-end digital video cameras. Wedding photographers are always expensive, so ensure you find a certified and proficient one to avoid disappointments after spending a lot on it. A relative or friend can also do it better.

    4. Pick inexpensive yet stylish wedding favors. There are many dollar-worth simple items which you can purchase for wedding favors or giveaways. Little, fashionable bags with colorful ties or ribbons with candies or chocolates are great ideas but won’t give you headaches with the cost.

    5. Simple and not-so tall wedding cake. Tall, extravagant wedding cakes are costly, therefore, choose simple, short wedding cake. Focus on the design and style of the cake, and guests will still be wowed by the presentation.

    6. Invitation cards. This is an effective, cheap wedding idea that you will never ignore. People who are invited to a wedding don’t particularly pay attention to the kind of invitation card given to them. They are more concerned on what dress and gift they would give to you, so don’t be extravagant with the cards. Just make sure they have the complete wedding details including the list of venue, date and time, sponsors and entourage.

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  • What to Look for When You Book Your Wedding Videographer

    Hiring professional wedding videographers can be very challenging if you do not know what qualities to look for in these film-making professionals. Here are some top tips to help you get the best wedding films recording experts.

    1. License and Credentials

    Wedding videographers are trained, licensed and regulated in many different ways. In most cases, the best filmmakers to hire for your dream wedding should at least have academic and professional certification documents to prove that they are the best for the job. They should also be licensed by the local authorities to provide the services in your local area.

    2. Skills and Practical Experience

    Film making is a creative task that requires a lot of skills for the recordings to be appealing to a wide range of viewers. These skills can only be honed through accumulated practical experience. Skills such as photo-shooting and video editing require a lot of practice to master. The best wedding films are done by people who have been in the industry for long and hence know how to capture the best moments in an engaging way. Experienced filmmakers always have an upper hand when it comes to producing top-quality recordings in good time.

    3. Passion for the Job

    Hiring someone who is enthusiastic in filmmaking is a good step towards getting top-quality services. Passionate videographers always go an extra mile to develop highly appealing content for the newlyweds. It is passion for the job that makes it possible to get the finest details captured on the films just like everyone would wish for during the wedding day.

    4. Costs and Fees

    The total cost of hiring a professional wedding filmmaker should be well within your means. You should not strain your finances by hiring expensive services that you had not planned on your budget. Ensure that you also discuss with the videographer and agree on any other fees that you will have to pay before booking the services.

    Hopefully these tips will help you get the best filmmaking services for your dream wedding. Moreover, remember to pick videographers located near your wedding venue for efficient service delivery.

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  • Guide to Freelensing In Wedding Photography

    Freelensing is the most expensive way of obtaining the unique effect of an highly expensive tilt shift lens. Freelensing is not anything new, the expensive tilt shaped look has been around the photographers for a while. But the real question rises, when it comes about accomplishing the freelensing accurately. Here are some important tips and information about how anyone can do freelensing and what are the obstacles!

    Purchase a brand new Nikon or Canon DSLR camera, Nikkoon 50mm f/1.8 D lens is recommended. Take some minute and take it out of the box carefully. Tilt shaped lens would cost you around $1000. But freelensing technique would cost you maximum $150. Now, let’s get back again to the freelensing technique. Tilt your tilt shaped lens at such angle to the sensor that will change the plane of focus (PoF) entirely. Freelensing technique allows its users to change PoF frequently and easily. Freelensing not just gives the power to change the PoF frequently but also it provides some super cool light leaks without even attach the lens in your camera!

    Freelensing technique really works. And you can enjoy this awesome technique with Nikon’s digital cameras and Canon’s DSLRs. The only problem someone might face doing freelensing is the rear element in lens mount which is quite flush. And ultimately it will not allow the user to get close to the sensor. So it will create some minor problem. But these are recoverable indeed. As you know the freelensing would be a very convenient and a great replacement of an expensive technique, so you can spend a few bucks. The only way to get closer to the sensor is to reconstruct the lens. The whole reconstructing will cost you around $120. Once you reconstruct your lens, your camera is fully ready for the action. Enjoy the freelensing technique and capture some greatest photos anyone has ever seen.

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  • Essential Accessories for Every Bride

    As we already know the suit does not make a man, nor does the dress make a woman. If you wish to create a majestic princess bride look for your big day, you will have to complement that dress with a few necessities. In order to make sure that everything will be in its place, we have prepared a list of essential accessories that every bride should have:


    Just because you are going to throw it afterwards does not mean you should not pay close attention when choosing the perfect wedding bouquet! The choice of the bouquet could greatly contribute to your bridal look, especially if you take time to choose the one that will complement the whole setting. The size and the shape of the bouquet is an important touch, but not as important as the colour. Creamy whites and ivory can sometimes be hard to match, so it is better to choose the colours carefully. The best solution is to pick some seasonal flowers or something that holds grave meaning to you personally. You can always top the flower bouquet by adding a subtle broche that works well with the dress.

    Tiaras and hair accessories

    Now, these are the accessories worthy of a true princess bride. Sometimes worn solely by princesses and queens, the tiara now represents one of the most glamorous and elegant ways to top your bridal outfit. If you opt for this subtle embellishment or similar hair accessories, make sure it perfectly matches your desired wedding hairstyle. You can always make the tiara as extravagant or as subtle as you wish, but the best solution is to match the details on the headpiece with the details on the wedding gown.



    While you are walking down the aisle, the best you can do is make sure that you are wearing appropriate bridal shoes. Choosing the right shoes can be exhausting but the key is in picking the ones that will reflect your personality. The shoes do not necessarily have to match the dress, as they are a statement piece on their own. The only thing you should consider is choosing a smaller heel size and something that will feel comfortable.

    Makeup & Nails

    When the wedding day arrives, you better make sure that your makeup is on point. When it comes to perfect bridal makeup the key is not to go over the top. Focus on creating that sensational glow and opt for a more natural approach. If you want to draw a bit more attention, subtly highlight your eyes, but remember not to overdo it with too much gloss or sparkle, as you do not want to look tacky. When it comes to nails, the best way to go is opting for gentle and creamy tones that will not stand out too much. The most important thing is for your hands to look clean and nurtured.

    The day you have dreamt about your whole life has finally arrived. As every new bride, you probably already have everything planed out in your head: from the wedding venue up to the dress itself. Make sure to complete that perfect wedding day by creating a magnificent bridal outfit.

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  • Tips on organizing a destination wedding

    Organizing your wedding abroad can be a great adventure and make you big day really special and unique, but it also demands a lot of time and planning. We talked to experts of abroad wedding planning and made a list of best tips.

    1. Pick the right destination

    The destination defines not only the style and decoration (sophisticated, seaside, rustic, beachy), but also the travel, time and approximate budget required to organize it. Your wedding style is not just in the location, but also activities and atmosphere of the evening – it should depict your personal approach and your passions. Did he make a proposition while a trip to Paris? Then why not plan a glamorous wedding in the City of Lights? Are you both gourmets? Consider gathering your guests in a place like Tuscany or California. Do you both love outdoor activities? Consider wedding in Jamaica, where guests can zipline through the jungle before the wedding party.

    1. Pick the right time

    Sometimes the best fitting weather conditions in widespread vacation destinations correlates with high tourist season, what brings more crowds, fewer available hotels and wedding halls, much higher rates. If you decide to arrange your wedding during high season, you really need to reserve hotel and venue right no and send out invitations 8-10 months in advance. This will allow all your guests to book the flights and hotels before prices get even higher. If the shoulder season is for you (right after high season), you can save some money and still enjoy great weather. Meanwhile the off-season will guarantee fewer crowds, the weather can be unreliable, and you may find that many stores, venues and suppliers pause their activity.

    1. Make a research about local marriage requirements

    The legal side of getting married in a different country can be complex. Some countries have a “residency requirement” (for example, 24 hours in Turks and Caicos and 7 days in England), which means you must live in the country for a definite length of time before your big day. Although this is usually just a few days, it can be much longer. In France you must arrive to the country at least 40 days before the ceremony!

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  • Tips to choose wedding hall

    Choosing between wedding halls is a big deal. They are expensive and take biggest part of your wedding budget. They set the tone. As a wedding planner I have a few very useful tips and some important questions to ask, that will help understanding which wedding banquet hall is going to be perfect match for you.

    First of all, before you choose a wedding hall, you need to make a draft of your wedding budget. You should not sign an agreement with the venue, only to realize down the line that you have no money left for entertainment or transport. Secondly, make a venue research spreadsheet – a place to track all of your research on wedding hall ideas, so that you can manage it all and then share or review without losing your mind.

    The most complicated part of finding a wright matching venue is making an initial research. Very much like the uni application process, venues and their web pages are quite different. Web sites usually offer different information in various places and sometimes they don’t give any information at all. You should not get frustrated by this experience. If there is no info on a venue’s web page, use the spreadsheet to find out the most important via the phone or email. Sometimes venues are stingy with info online, but on request they are happy to provide a booklet or a marketing packet ready to share that has most of the required information.

    My basic research spreadsheet for choosing a wedding hall includes the following parts:

    Venue name:

    Venue location:

    Venue capacity: (make sure it fits your event. If you are doing a cocktail party rather than a sit-down meal, the space can likely fit more people.)


    Type: hotel, outdoor, historical, restaurant.

    Layout: Note if it has space for all aspects of your wedding (ceremony, cocktails, reception).

    Rates: Rough info available online.


    Restrictions: Does it have any restrictions, such as a definite end time

    Parking/Transportation: free parking, public transit access

    Facility Extras: PA equipment, chairs, tables, covers, etc.

    Caterer: any restrictions on catering

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  • Tips For Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

    We all in love with DIY ideas and custom options, making something usually into something that is different and represents your personality. We can see custom designed dresses and now its quite easy to make one – but when it comes to a custom engagement or wedding ring, it can be tricky and complicated (and expensive of course). Our guide will give you a clear understanding how you can design your own ring.

    1. Start early

    Especially you need to start early if you are planning something different and really special. You need to be sure he jeweler has enough time to make your order right (and get your approval) before proceeding to crafting you dream ring. Some experts recommend leaving a couple of months to be sure everything goes smoothly and you get perfectly crafter ring in time.

    1. Encourage your inspiration

    You can surely go beyond just a traditional wedding ring. How to imagine the perfect design? You can search for pictures from literature, movies, fandoms, nature, places you visited together or just anything you both love — and see if this idea can be turned into the wedding ring design. Some jewelers have talented designers in the staff, who will closely work with you to create perfect you’ll be proud about.

    1. Customize an existing ring

    Even if you have in mind something that it will be hard to bring to life or you a short in time – you can always check some existing rings to keep your options open. Some expert jewelers are happy to customize existing rings according to your requirements if you’d rather not start from the ground up.

    1. Make sure your jewelry supplier is good enough

    Try finding independent reviews or testimonials and find out how long they have been in business. Another idea would be in finding out if they create the jewelry on-site or if they reuse another jeweler. Working with an in-house vendor can save you money and give you more control over the design.

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